What Are Some of the Most Important Things for Your New Home

An empty house can be very overwhelming to a new home owner, it has so much space to fill and decorate that you feel like the house will never be ready but fortunately there are must haves for a new home which you should put on top of the shopping list, for example;

1. Side tables – Imagine having to have guest to toast to your new found home but you don’t have anywhere to put the drinks or glasses. Save yourself some embarrassment and buy some side tables. The funny thing about side tables is that they don’t normally have to blend in with your decor, so this is a chance for you to put your crafting skills to work.

2. Live plants – Live plants actually fill empty corners which are the bane of a new house. Pick up some large palms, ficus or fiddle leaf figs to fill the spaces in your home.

3. Baskets – Look for large baskets for storing every item which mostly clutters up a house. They add a beautiful texture since they can be partnered with leggy pieces of furniture as well as provide storage for shoes which are left in front of your door.

4. Building blocks – Every house a story to tell; the saturation or tone of the colors used in your home create a stylish cohesion all over the space. No need for deciding on a story, with time, the pieces will all fall into place. You can start by adding some decorative plates, colorful pillows or artwork.

5. Books – Empty shelves will do you no good, it will only make your house look sad. If you move in to a house with built ins, fill them up with decorative objects or books and if it doesn’t have the built ins, get some and organize your stuff. You don’t need to use a lot of money to buy certain stuff to break up the blocks of literature, you can just go for sentimental things that you already own like your family’s fine china or signed baseballs.


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