What Are Some of the Most Important Things for Your New Home

An empty house can be very overwhelming to a new home owner, it has so much space to fill and decorate that you feel like the house will never be ready but fortunately there are must haves for a new home which you should put on top of the shopping list, for example;

1. Side tables – Imagine having to have guest to toast to your new found home but you don’t have anywhere to put the drinks or glasses. Save yourself some embarrassment and buy some side tables. The funny thing about side tables is that they don’t normally have to blend in with your decor, so this is a chance for you to put your crafting skills to work.

2. Live plants – Live plants actually fill empty corners which are the bane of a new house. Pick up some large palms, ficus or fiddle leaf figs to fill the spaces in your home.

3. Baskets – Look for large baskets for storing every item which mostly clutters up a house. They add a beautiful texture since they can be partnered with leggy pieces of furniture as well as provide storage for shoes which are left in front of your door.

4. Building blocks – Every house a story to tell; the saturation or tone of the colors used in your home create a stylish cohesion all over the space. No need for deciding on a story, with time, the pieces will all fall into place. You can start by adding some decorative plates, colorful pillows or artwork.

5. Books – Empty shelves will do you no good, it will only make your house look sad. If you move in to a house with built ins, fill them up with decorative objects or books and if it doesn’t have the built ins, get some and organize your stuff. You don’t need to use a lot of money to buy certain stuff to break up the blocks of literature, you can just go for sentimental things that you already own like your family’s fine china or signed baseballs.


Top Movies To Watch On Thanksgiving

Planned for some time to spend with your family and friends on Thanksgiving? Decided to spend it on your drawing room by watching a movie? Well, if you have planned to make this Thanksgiving a memorable one by eating your favorite menu items with the family members, you can digest those delicious food items by watching a movie all together at one single place. We’ve compiled a list of best movies to watch on Thanksgiving here. Take a look!

Since we all know that we can watch a movie by downloading it and inserting a pen drive on a television. Well, if you don’t want to do that, there are some free live streaming apps available in the market which can easily connect with your Television to watch live streaming of movies and other videos. You can even explore it on a smartphone if you find it so. Download ShowBox for Android and the original site of the MovieBox app for iOS devices. Grab out this app for a respective device and start using it right away!

Best Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving

  1. The New World

The New World is a 2005 Biography, Drama and History movie. The New World describes a really very interesting story where an English exploration of Virginia and his life of changing world and loves of Pocahontas. The storyline looks pretty old, however, it has all the interesting dialogues and scenes to make it a worth watch on the Thanksgiving.

    1. The Thanksgiving House

The Thanksgiving House is 2013 Drama TV series movie which has an interesting storyline. The story starts with a Boston lawyer inherits a house in Plymouth from her late aunt. There she inherited a historical treasure. She somehow ignored the proposal of her boyfriend to sell this house. Later she found that this house is the very first located on the first site of the Thanksgiving.

  1. The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm is a 1997 popular Drama movie which you should pick to watch on the Thanksgiving. The movie is still receiving good responses from the viewers and they are still looking for a way to watch it out. The story is about a middle class families who are experimenting with casual sex. They even go for substance abuse and at the end they find their lives beyond their control. A must watch vintage one for the current generation!

  1. Grumpy Old Man

Grumpy Old Man is a 1993 Comedy, Romance, Drama movie which you can watch with your family on the Thanksgiving. The story is quite interesting where a life long relationship between two best neighbors suddenly takes a U-turn when a female neighbor moves across the street.  A must watch to laugh and love on the Thanksgiving.

  1. What’s Cooking?

What’s Cooking is a 2000 Comedy, Romance and Drama movie made for all the generations. The movie can be watched with your whole family. The story is quite odd where you would see a different story for each family and their respective tasks. However, it serves kind of an interesting scenes and dialogues which are treat for your eyes. If you want to spend some soothing time on this Thanksgiving, What’s Cooking is here for you!